Recently, our AIR software solution was audited by Van Bussel Document Services. We are proud to announce that this audit was completed with a positive result. AIR meets the requirements set out in the standard and can therefore be considered an ISO 16175:2020 compliant application.

ISO 16175 provides principles and functional requirements for software used to create and manage digital information in office environments, which are internationally agreed upon within the International Council on Archives (ICA).

This makes the DA suitable for digital archiving in full compliance with the requirements of the Archives Act. This is an important fact for government institutions that have to comply with these regulations. It is also a good confirmation that the security and authenticity of the documents in our digital archive are fully guaranteed.

Van Bussel Document Services

Geert-Jan van Bussel, business economist, administrative information specialist and archivist, carried out the audit for both standards. Van Bussel Document Services provides independent advice and research in the field of document management, records management and records auditing. Van Bussel Document Services is one of the few companies that performs standardised procedure audits according to these ISO and NEN guidelines and standards for information management and archiving.

Secure archives

Your documents contain sensitive information. It is important that the software in which your documents are stored meets all security and confidentiality requirements. Van Bussel's compliance certificates confirm that our solution is safe for all your data! Our AIR software solution is a fully-fledged digital archive with document management functionality, a comprehensive retention policy and an extensive authorization structure. Your documents are stored in a secure environment. Correct metadata assignment allows you to easily classify, search and find documents.

Other certifications

In addition to compliance with ISO 16175:2020, we are also certified for ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and NEN 7510. Information security is a top priority for Archive-IT, not only in our work processes and archive buildings, but also in our digital archiving solutions.

Do you have any questions about this review, or do you want to get started with digital archiving? Then contact us here, or call us on 077 750 11 00. We are happy to help!

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