More and more companies use the cloud to store documents. That means that less data is stored on local computers, but instead on servers hosted by large US tech companies. These cloud environments often contain sensitive personal data, which may not fall into the wrong hands. However, there are many questions whether this data is sufficiently protected.

Research on cloud services 

Currently, privacy supervisors from all over Europe are investigating the use of cloud services by governments. In the past, these supervisors received several reports that certain cloud services would send data of Europeans to the US. This could have major consequences.

Difference between Europe and the US

There is one big difference between the US and Europe when it comes to the storage and protection of personal data. In the US, personal data is significantly less protected than in Europe. Under US law, intelligence and security agencies have the right to access and use data of EU citizens at any time. In Europe, member states are obliged to comply with the GDPR. Because of this, governments are not allowed to simply request personal data from cloud users.

The working method of Archive-IT

Archive-IT is a large processor of personal data. Therefore, it is essential that the protection of personal data is well ensured. Since 2014, Archive-IT is ISO 27001 certified, which means that Archive-IT meets the international standard for information security. In addition, Archive-IT only hosts its data on European territory. In the Netherlands we host at Intermax; in Germany at Schuster & Walther and in France at Claranet.

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