Archive-IT is constantly working to keep their processes at a high level. Archive-IT does this by continuously applying improvements and by conforming to the international requirements for quality management and information security. Periodical (successful) audits and several ISO-certificates confirm this. 

Successful audits 

Archive-IT has recently succeeded again for the extension of the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. The audits that have determined this have been carried out by BSI. ISO 9001 sets requirements for the quality of business processes and customer satisfaction. The ISO 27001 standard is continuously under development in order to fit in with the current state of information security systems. The certification is a nice confirmation of the work to bring our procedures to the highest achievable level. 

Security for the customer 

Obtaining the certification is a nice confirmation that the processes surrounding the quality and information security requirements are actually carried out well. The ISO certification gives our customers the certainty that Archive-IT is compliant with laws and regulations, that we continuously apply process improvements and that we conform to the international requirements for quality management and information security. We don't turn an audit into a yearly stress event, but we work on optimising throughout the year. We do this - among other things - with our internal audit team, which audits processes throughout the year and improves them where possible. 


All our branches were audited, this includes the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. We are proud of the fact that we meet these standards across our entire organisation. This is also fully in line with our international ambitions to become the most trusted and complete archiving specialist in Western Europe. With this, we focus on offering extra added value to our customers in supporting the evolution from data to information and from working to working together. 


Would you like to know more about the ISO certifications or other aspects of security? Read more on our safety page or download our safety whitepaper! 

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