ROC Leeuwenborgh is an MBO institution with branches in Sittard, Maastricht, Beek and Venlo. ROC Leeuwenborgh has a total of approximately 850 employees and has an average of 8000 students.

ROC Leeuwenborgh is stimulated by innovation on a daily basis. The course provides professionals who can adapt to a changing environment. According to ROC Leeuwenborgh, a professional, digital working environment is part of the curriculum, in order to be able to realise this innovation and efficiency both in front of and behind the scenes. This is where the collaboration with Archive-IT started.

Marco Feller (Team Leader Personnel and Salary Administration) and Leon Pluijmen (HR Personnel Consultant) talk about their experiences with this digitisation process and the cooperation with Archive-IT.

Digitisation was a must

ROC Leeuwenborgh has its offices at various locations, while the HR Department is stationed in Maastricht. It often happened that information from personnel files was needed at other locations as well, and there they encountered the limitation of paper. What could be easier than being able to open the required file anywhere, anytime? For Marco and Leon, this digitisation battle was a real eye-opener and makes them think a lot about what improvements they can make on a digital level in order to improve efficiency.

Marco Feller: “What was important to us in choosing Archive-IT was the fact that they have good and reliable references. In the public sector, healthcare and education. That was really the deciding factor. They are also AFAS partners and because we wanted to import the digital files directly into AFAS, the partnership between AFAS and Archive-IT gave us a lot of confidence.”

One point of contact

Leon Pluijmmen complements Marco: “I particularly liked the fact that there is one contact person at Archive-IT who we can always turn to. Whatever questions we had and whatever information we needed, we knew “it’s going to be all right”. In addition, it was also of great added value that Archive-IT really thought along with us. We still had some internal uncertainties and Archive-IT took us by the hand and worked with us to find a workable and good solution.”

In practice

“We also received an invitation from Archive-IT to come and look behind the scenes. In this way, we experienced the state of affairs in practice and the care with which Archive-IT deals with privacy-sensitive files. When we visited the site, we saw it with our own eyes; Archive-IT really thought about everything,” says Marco.

The digital ambitions of ROC Leeuwenborgh go much further. Step by step, they are looking at professionalisation measures, of which the Human Resources Department is one. On behalf of the entire Archive-IT team, we would like to thank ROC Leeuwenborgh for its confidence in our organisation!

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