At Via Jeugd young people and young adults can go for youth protection, youth care, treatment and education. With 250 employees, they ensure that young people who have done something punishable or are suspected of doing so or who have serious behavioural problems are treated intensively on a daily basis.

The P&O department of Via Jeugd has contacted Archive-IT in order to realise its digital ambitions. They no longer wanted to work with paper files, because they believe that this can be done much more efficiently and safely. Rick Gerritsen, personnel officer at Via Jeugd, has taken the process under his wing and is very satisfied with the new digital situation.

Confidence in cooperation

“In the meantime, our digital personnel environment in Raet has been fully set up. In order to ensure that there is only one truth and that we do not work on all kinds of information islands, we felt that we had to create a single environment with all personnel information”, says Rick Gerritsen. “If you start with a digital personnel file and you still have all the historical information on paper, this will only lead to inefficiency. On the advice of AAG, our partner for the implementation of the Raet solution, we came into contact with Archive-IT. Archive-IT’s good experiences, explanations and offerings gave us the confidence to work with them.”

Legally valid

The paper files were not destroyed after digitisation and are still kept in physical form by the Via Jeugd. All official documents, such as an employment contract, are kept by the Via Jeugd in the event that a situation ever arises in which only the original, paper document is considered to be legally valid.

Transparent – anno 2017

Rick Gerritsen continues: “From February 2017, all colleagues within Via Jeugd will have access to their own digital personnel file. In this way, we will be a transparent organisation that provides insight into the information to which the employee is entitled. Secure access when an employee needs it. That is important to us.”

In collaboration with AAG and Archive-IT, Via Jeugd has been able to make this professionalization effort to our satisfaction. Via Jeugd is a progressive organization with a high quality level and this project contributes to this.

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