The Slingeland Ziekenhuis in Doetinchem and Archive-IT have been connected since 2008. Since then, Archive-IT has set up a digital working environment, physical files have been stored in the archive and large numbers of physical files have already been digitised via Scanning on Demand and made available in the digital environment.

Almost entirely digital

“At the moment, the Slingeland Ziekenhuis is almost completely switched to a digital working environment,” says Henny Welling, Manager Healthcare and Information Technology. “The physically stored files that are still needed are scanned on demand and added to the digital environment of the Slingeland Hospital”.

From JIM to Virtual Archive

When Slingeland and Archive-IT started working together in 2008, they used the client server program JIM. Slingeland hasn’t been using this software for two years now. “Now we are using Archive-IT’s Virtual Archive,” says Henny. “Archive-IT has successfully migrated all data and processes from JIM to Virtual Archive. Our team finds it pleasant to work with this software solution. This way, we can access all the files we need from anywhere at any time. This is something that cannot be ignored in today’s society”.


Due to the good cooperation between the Slingeland Hospital and Archive-IT, little contact is required to ensure that everything runs smoothly. “Occasionally there are still contact moments. Usually this is when we have a question about the system or when we would like to have something added within the software. Further contact moments are there when there are updates or malfunctions. As long as everything runs smoothly, there is no need for contact”, says Henny.

Information Security

With a rapidly growing database of information and strict data protection rules, it is more important than ever to store data as carefully as possible. We asked Henny how the Slingeland Hospital views this. “For us as a hospital, it is very important that we are constantly working on the safety of our patients. That is why we at Slingeland place the highest possible emphasis on information security. We want to ensure that patients receive the safest possible care and that our patients’ information is handled as safely as possible. In the past, everything was on paper, but now everything is digital. That is why our digital environment and infrastructure must meet the very highest standards,” says Henny.

Unique in the region

What makes the Slingeland Hospital unique in the region? Henny says: “The Slingeland Hospital has a very strong catchment area framed. This means that we have approximately 165,000 patients with one association of general practitioners and one hospital fall. In this way, we can build up good cooperation with the general practitioners and thus achieve the very best care for the patient. We are also closely involved with all care providers in the area, which in turn results in a good completion of, for example, rehabilitation projects”.

Archive-IT is proud of its many years of collaboration with Slingeland Hospital and is pleased to be able to contribute to the safe, digital accessibility of the medical files; a crucial component for Slingeland Hospital. We would like to thank the Slingeland Hospital for its confidence in our organisation and hope to be able to continue this excellent collaboration for the long term.

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