Basalt is one of the largest rehabilitation centres in the Netherlands and is located at ten locations in South Holland. Basalt consists of a merger of Sophia Rehabilitation and the Rhineland Rehabilitation Centre. Basalt moved to a new location where there was no room for the archive. When the R-EPD (Rehabilitation-Electronic Patient File) came into view in 2012-2013, it was a good time to opt for a phased transition to a digital file. Archive-IT talks to Bianca Holtman, Project Manager at Basalt.

No more archive space

Bianca Holtman talks about the start of the project: “Basalt was looking for a partner to digitise the enormous amount of paper files, especially the medical files. One of the reasons for this was the fact that there was no more room for the archive in the new building. But even more important was the ambition to facilitate a paperless, efficient working environment. Archive-IT was the right partner for us to carry out this project with! Archive-IT offers a total solution; from storing static files to registering and retrieving semi-static files with Scanning on Demand. In addition, they also digitise the current files in bulk, all of which are accessible via the Archive-IT Virtual Archive! A complete solution and a lot of knowledge of the Rehabilitation sector.”

Working paperless at the new location

“Because we switched to the R-EPD, we were already working paperless at our new location. A link between our paper files via the Archive-IT Virtual Archive and our R-EPD provided the right combination,” says Bianca Holtman. “This Archive-IT link makes it possible to work from a single work environment. The program gets used to quickly, because it is very intuitive. But the most important thing is that the doctors and doctors get their files back. Not in paper form, but digitally.” Basalt has chosen to give doctors and medical secretaries access to the software. For them it is an enrichment that a file is always available and complete. The switch went smoothly, with a well thought-out plan of action.

Looking back

Basalt is now a few years further and looks back on a successful project. “We have gained a lot of experience with the R-EPD in combination with the Archive-IT Virtual Archive. We are very pleased with the steps that have been taken so far. In this way, Basalt is ready for the future!”

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