The Venray Primary Education Foundation is a community of schools in the municipality of Venray. SPOV has 13 primary schools and one special primary school under its care. The schools are spread over the church villages and the different districts of Venray itself. Between the primary schools there are Catholic and public schools. The foundation provides education for but lovingly ± 2810 children. There are about 320 employees.

SPOV has chosen to have its personnel files digitized by Archive-IT. These were then imported directly into their own AFAS environment.

Why digitise?

Silvia van Went, Personnel Consultant at SPOV, says: “We noticed that inefficiency had arisen when it came to providing information in the HR department. Because we worked both physically and digitally, you never had a single complete file.” Jessica Holdinga, Head of Personnel and Salary Administration, adds: “In addition to our own archive at SPOV’s head office, all directors at the 14 schools also had a file on the employee. This resulted in three information islands for one employee. In addition to this efficiency, a paper archive is no longer up to date. It really was time for digitisation!”

Digital working environment

Jessica goes on to say: “We’ve been completely over to the digital environment for a while now and the difference is huge. It’s all much more efficient, so we have more time for other work. After the first meeting with Archive-IT, we got a good idea of the possibilities. This advisory meeting gave us the confidence to have this project carried out by Archive-IT’.

The choice for Archive-IT

Silvia explains. “We came to Archive-IT through the recommendation of another foundation. Although not a school board, but a foundation for child care. They were very pleased with the cooperation with Archive-IT. Actually, from the first moment of contact we had a good feeling about this cooperation. Our contact person from Archive-IT, with whom we had our first discussions, certainly contributed to this. Archive-IT is an experienced expert in the field of digitizing files. They have extensive experience in education, but also in other sectors.” Jessica complements the choice for Archive-IT: “The proven link with AFAS was also an advantage. The fact that they have so much experience gave them confidence. Of course, it is very important that the right file appears under the right staff member in AFAS.”

In practice

“Important criteria were that Archive-IT had to have the right certificates and the right security procedures. After all, these are files that contain a great deal of privacy-sensitive information. Archive-IT invited us to come and take a look at the head office in Reuver, so that we could actually experience with our own eyes how the processes and activities are carried out. We found it interesting to see how carefully every file is cleaned up. We therefore strongly recommend a visit to Archive-IT when the subject of digitisation is on the agenda.” Silvia and Jessica close together.

We would like to thank SPOV for its trust and the pleasant cooperation during this digitisation process!

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