Stichting Swalm & Roer is a foundation that offers innovative, challenging and appropriate education, so that children’s talents come into their own. The foundation offers primary and special primary education in the municipality of Roermond and Roerdalen. Swalm & Roer is responsible for 5650 pupils, 600 employees and 23 schools for primary education.

Digitizing as much as possible within the personnel department; that is one of the ambitions that Swalm & Roer Foundation has recently achieved in collaboration with Archive-IT. Luc Mintjens, P&O Staff Manager at Swalm & Roer Foundation, has taken the project under his wing and is very satisfied with the result.

Transparent & professional

“The reason for digitising our personnel files is mainly due to the fact that we want to be transparent to our employees. It is no longer appropriate to have a paper folder for every employee. At Swalm & Roer Foundation, ownership is very important to us. It is precisely because of the digitisation that we are able to let the employees own their own file in this area as well. Think of being able to upload data and documents into AFAS and being able to manage certain information yourself. Where we can automate, we absolutely do not leave that out. We want to go along with the digital possibilities of our time; that’s what we want and a digital personnel file is part of that.”

The digital step

“When it comes to digitizing personnel files, however, it doesn’t stop there. We are now busy setting up workflows within AFAS, so that we can also structure the new, digital growth in the right way. This system greatly reduces the susceptibility to errors and forces us to deal efficiently and effectively with this type of important data. An additional advantage is that this digital battle allows us to very well manage the retention periods of the documents and to apply an active destruction policy to them. In paper form, this was much more cumbersome. This fits in well with the obligations under the GDPR legislation.”

The choice for Archive-IT

Luc Mintjens also explains why they chose Archive-IT to carry out the digitisation: “We were given a good reference through a partner and that gave us confidence and was definitely the reason to enter into dialogue with Archive-IT. If you look at how Archive-IT supervised and handled this process, we are very satisfied. It was nice how they shared the planning with us; we were able to follow everything in real time. In addition, all employees are very customer-oriented, from project management, to execution, to ICT. When I add to that the speed of Archive-IT, they responded perfectly to our needs. At Archive-IT, Appointment is: Appointment and that made for a great collaboration.”

Archive-IT thanks Swalm & Roer Foundation for the trust in our organization!

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