Care group Tangenborgh specialises in providing care for the elderly, focusing on housing, care and welfare. They achieve their goal in the South Drenthe region, where they are characterized by being close to the people and really knowing the wishes of their residents. Zorggroep Tangenborgh has clearly formulated its digital objectives to be able to work more efficiently and transparently. Archive-IT helped them to carry out the digitisation work of the Human Resources department.

Gerwin Maat (ass. Head of Automation) and Miriam Klok (Project Manager eHRM) of Care group Tangenborgh explain what steps they have taken to realise this efficient, transparent and safe HR department.

The choice for Archive-IT

“I guided the process from the start: from supplier selection to planning and final evaluation. For us, scanning our personnel files ourselves was not an option. We wanted to leave this to a party that specialises in this area, that can respond quickly and, above all, that can guarantee the security of the data properly. Personnel files are extremely sensitive to privacy and a good assurance and certification on that subject was therefore crucial in making our choice. It immediately felt good. Before we started working with Archive-IT, I made the trip to Reuver in order to be able to actually experience which organisation we were dealing with, what measures they were taking and to see the services in practice. That good feeling was further confirmed during this visit.” Gerwin says with conviction.

One complete provision of information

Miriam Klok was involved in the content of the project from her field of expertise. “When we switched to the digital personnel file within our AFAS environment, it was immediately clear to me that ‘something’ had to be done with those paper files. In order to keep everything complete, this digitisation process was inevitable. And that’s a good thing: now that we have everything digitally, we can work much more efficiently. Employees can view their own file, which makes us a transparent department. Before we had all files digitised in bulk by Archive-IT, we carried out a pilot project with Archive-IT. They digitised 40 files for us in advance. This was a very pleasant approach for us; this pilot allowed us to experience in practice whether our choices with regard to the digital file were the right ones, and we were also able to refine them where necessary. That gave us confidence when we started the big digitization battle,” says Miriam.

Gerwin adds to that: “It goes without saying that it always takes some getting used to a new way of working, but we can look back on a very successful project. The no-nonsense mentality, the flexibility and the advisory role of Archive-IT have largely determined this success. Our digital ambitions go much further and step by step Care group Tangenborgh is becoming fully digital.”

We thank Care group Tangenborgh for their confidence in Archive-IT!

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