Stichting Gehandicaptenzorg Limburg (SGL) is committed to providing specialist care and support to people with brain damage, people with a (severe) physical disability and people who are dependent on respiratory support on a daily basis. This organisation, with locations throughout Limburg, looks after people with attention, so that these people can get more out of their lives.

Andrea de Bie, Secretary HRM / Back office employee at SGL, has supervised this project from start to finish. That went further than just digitizing the files. They have completely redesigned their personnel administration in Raet and are taking the next step towards a digital, efficient organization.

Security and efficiency

Mrs de Bie talks about her experiences: “We felt that the ‘old’ paper personnel file should not be missing in the new environment in Raet. One central place where all information can be found in a secure manner. It also makes a difference in terms of space now that all 550 personnel files are no longer in our building. We chose to have the files stored by Archive-IT after the digitisation. The files are stored there in a high-security environment and if we still need a paper, original document in the future, this is simply possible. That gives us a certain feeling.”

Trial and error

“The digitisation process went very well. Short lines of communication and the helpfulness of the employees of Archive-IT are real advantages. Of course it was new to us and it was nice that when we had questions, we were helped immediately. What we also enjoyed was the fact that we did a trial with a number of files. This gave us the opportunity to tighten up our wishes and requirements a little and that resulted in a perfect result when the bulk was digitized”, says Mrs. de Bie.

Access for employees

As of the second week of March, all SGL staff were given access to their own digital personnel files. A project that has been handled very carefully by the project group. “Transparency and efficiency are important to us, and the possibility of having access to our own personnel file certainly contributes to this”, Mrs de Bie adds. “We first gave a small group of employees access to test their experiences with this new way of working, before everyone was given access.

“The quality of the scanned files is very high and undoubtedly meets our expectations. We therefore strongly recommend other organizations with digitization ambitions to do this in collaboration with Archive-IT.”

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