Wiggers Faber Advocaten | Tax specialists specialise in various areas of law. They give legal advice, negotiate and, where necessary, conduct legal proceedings in court. The company is aimed at both individuals and entrepreneurs. Wiggers Faber was founded in 2016 as a joint venture between Wiggers Gunning Advocaten & Belastingkundigen and Ross Advocaten. In 2019 the name was changed to Wiggers Faber Advocaten | Belastingkundigen. This merger was followed by a relocation and the management did not know where to go with all the archive. Archive-IT soon came into the picture.

Debora Janssen, legal secretary at Wiggers Faber, has fully supervised this project and talks about her experiences with archive storage and Archive-IT.

Fast and professional

“When the relocation was discussed, something had to be done with the archive. The archive was consulted less and less; we could use this space better internally. In addition, we want to keep up with the times and move to digital working. This is also the reason why we no longer want to store the paper history internally. We then started thinking about storing the archive externally. A colleague had already had good experiences with Jalema, so we ended up at our sister company Archive-IT. In addition to all the possibilities, they also explained the ins and outs to us, which immediately gave us a feeling of familiarity”, says Debora.

Total picture

Debora continues her story:Debora continues her story: “In choosing a supplier, we looked at several parties and requested quotations. What we found particularly important was that the archive is stored in a very secure place and that as soon as we need something, we have it at our disposal quickly and reliably. When that picture matched the price, the choice for Archive-IT was a fact. We have now requested a number of files, both physically and digitally, and Archive-IT’s speed of action is super!”

Safety comes first

Safety is the most important aspect for Wiggers Faber. In view of the GDPR, Wiggers Faber considers it very important that all personal data is securely secured and stored in accordance with all legal requirements. The fact that Archive-IT can guarantee this security is evident from the ISO 27001 certificate. Not only the storage, but also the software is watertight. Debora says: “If you see what Archive-IT is doing to achieve and maintain a high level of information security, then you know: Archive-IT is the place to be for service, quality and care”.

Archive-IT is grateful to Wiggers Faber for their trust.

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