Problem description

Bureau Inkomens Beheer (BIB) in Brunssum wanted to say goodbye to paper. They already worked largely digitally, and partly because of this the paper archive caused inefficiency and a loss of overview. In addition, the folders took up a lot of unnecessary space and they saw an opportunity for improvement in the field of information security. All the more reason to make the switch to a fully digital archive.


BIB decided to engage Archive-IT to digitise its customer files. Each customer file consists of one file with unique customer information. This customer information is described on the back of the folder, supplemented with an Excel document supplied by BIB with the metadata per folder. Parts of the file were already digitally available at BIB, so Archive-IT only digitised parts of the file and removed the other documents. After this clean up and careful digitisation, the digitised files were exported to BIB's system. There the files are consulted in a familiar environment.


  • Several employees can consult one file at the same time.
  • Free space is used for other purposes.
  • No more unnecessary long searches for a file, increasing efficiency.
  • Clear archive in one accessible place.

Key figures




Scanned tabs


Scanned images

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