Personal injury files consist of many different documents. These include scanned documents, e-mails, Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoints, interview reports, notes, etc. These documents are stored with the file in AFAS. When assessing the injury, the claims adjusters have to go through all the documents and this was difficult within AFAS. Documents can only be read through one by one. In addition, documents often have to be downloaded first in order to view them properly. Browsing is not possible. Furthermore, there was no export option for all documents of an injury file within the program. This is a problem in the final delivery to the client, where all documents have to be delivered. Furthermore, searching within a file within AFAS is also very difficult.


Archive-IT has developed a Viewer that directly links to AFAS via a Connector. In this viewer, all documents can be merged into a digital file. This digital file sorts the documents in tabs and then also in chronological order. Browsing a file is therefore quick and easy. Furthermore, the user can either print or download part or all of the file. This is optimal for the final delivery to the customer. A final point is the ability to search by document metadata to quickly find the right document. Searching by content is also possible within a document, but not yet within the entire file. This solution allows the team at to work a lot more efficiently. It also contributes to customer satisfaction and the speed of client assistance.


  • Files can be downloaded and printed in parts and/or in its entirety.
  • Files are smartly sorted chronologically.
  • It is possible to easily search for metadata within a document.

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