In the past, personnel files were kept at the Executive Office as well as at the schools themselves. The fact that files were spread across multiple locations led to inefficiency and did not always benefit the privacy. In addition, they wanted to make better use of the functionalities that AFAS has to offer with the digital personnel file. Time to say goodbye to paper.  


Digitisation offered the solution for Stichting kom Leren. After digitisation, all previously physical personnel data was put into AFAS. It was important that the various files of the same employee were put into AFAS under the same profile. Thanks to the unique personnel number of AFAS and a careful intake by Archive-IT, this went smoothly. Rutger Bronsveld, coordinating policy officer at Stichting kom Leren, was project coordinator of the digitisation project. He says that Archive-IT's worry-free approach, the clear explanation and the way questions are dealt with, have made them very satisfied and have delivered what was promised. The ability to quickly find a specific file and the transparency towards the employees are benefits that Stichting kom Leren is already enjoying.  


  • All data in one central and safe place. 
  • Work process has become more efficient. 
  • It is easier to comply with retention periods and the associated deletion policy. 

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