Problem definition 

The municipality of Heerlen has a total of about five kilometers of physical archives, consisting of various populations with different retention periods and a diversity of contents; from archives to be kept in perpetuity, which must be kept conditioned in accordance with the Archive Act, to drawing cabinets and municipal archive boxes.    


The municipality of Heerlen decided to issue an international tender. The purpose of this tender was to select a service provider that focuses on the long term and supports the municipality of Heerlen in providing insight into the current archive.    


The archive should be retrievable from a software application. This application must be easy for the employees of the municipality of Heerlen to use. Physical archives are still being created at the municipality of Heerlen. Periodically, these new batches will be collected at the municipality of Heerlen, provided with the correct metadata and then archived. 


The solution  

The software application OAK offers employees of the municipality of Heerlen the possibility to request archived data in a simple way. In addition, they have the choice to deliver the file physically or digitally, all from one cockpit. If delivered digitally, the digitally delivered file is immediately accessible and can be shared or downloaded from OAK. 

Also, newly created archives can easily be registered via OAK by employees of the municipality of Heerlen. This means that the knowledge carriers themselves add the correct metadata, resulting in the archive being retrieved quickly and provided with the correct retention period.  


The result 

The cooperation with Archive-IT will give the municipality of Heerlen more insight and it will be archived in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Archiving alone is not everything! The collaboration with Archive-IT provides support in indexing and providing insight into the various archive populations in the archive. Archive-IT also coordinates the relocation of the physical archive. Archive-IT will evaluate the tuning of the KPI’s and the measurement of the performance, together with the municipality of Heerlen quarterly. Finally, there will be frequent transports where physical requests of archived files are delivered to the municipality of Heerlen and new arrivals are picked up. 


Finally, in the future AIR could offer possibilities for the municipality of Heerlen to archive compliantly in the field of digital archives. This can easily be set up according to the legal standard used by municipalities: MDTO. Also during this process Archive-IT will share its knowledge and expertise with the municipality of Heerlen. 

Key figures

+/- 5.000

Meters of physical archive

+/- 10

OAK users


Residents within the municipality of Heerlen

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