Problem description

In 2015, Orbis Medisch en Zorgconcern Sittard-Geleen and Atrium Medisch Centrum Parkstad merged to form Zuyderland. They encountered the problem that the locations used different systems. For instance, Orbis Medisch en Zorgconcern had already been working for some time with JIM, an on premise solution from Archive-IT to manage the physical and digital files. But for Atrium Medical Centre, working with a records management system was completely new. This caused problems; managing files became confusing and sharing information was not efficient and secure.


To increase efficiency and accessibility between the different locations of Zuyderland, it was decided to switch to one management system for the historical medical records. Archive-IT's Virtual Archive is ideally suited for this. For the current files the EPD will be used. The Virtual Archive is the replacement for JIM, which was used by Orbis. The moment Atrium joined Orbis, was also the moment to migrate JIM to the Virtual Archive and deploy it Zuyderland-wide. Besides being the most cost-effective solution, this was also the most effective. The cloud solution ensures that the files can be managed in a secure manner, independent of time and place. Sharing documents is also much easier. The system makes it easy to see where the files are at any given time. The built-in viewer makes it easy to consult the digital files.


  • All files in one central system: the Virtual Archive
  • The files are available anywhere, anytime. This allows doctors to work multidisciplinary at different locations
  • Updates can be implemented quickly and securely centrally at once

Key figures


Virtual Archive users


GB storage in the Virtual Archive



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