Mytylschool Gabriël is a school in ‘s-Hertogenbosch for special and secondary special education. A school that is full of life and at the heart of a society that is constantly changing. The most important goal is that education and support equip the pupils to take a place in society in a self-confident way.

Mytylschool Gabriël has chosen to have its personnel files digitized and imported within their own AFAS environment. Inge Oelen (director/administrator) and Lilian van Amelsvoort (P&O policy officer) were involved in the process and share their experiences.

From paper to digital

The ladies say: “It is no longer of this time that you have everything on paper, it is extremely vulnerable, much more prone to errors and you have to take into account the GDPR. In the case of digital work, employees can view their own documents at any time. That is what Archive-IT has achieved for us by transferring all scanned files to AFAS InSite. All employees have access to their own personnel files. Now they just sit on the tablet at home on the couch and watch what has happened in the years that they have been working here. We are already receiving positive reactions!”

Positively surprised

The choice for Archive-IT was easy: “We have heard good stories and experiences about Archive-IT. After the first meeting, we were completely turned around, it was a nice conversation and we were positively surprised by the involvement. For us, it was especially important that it was carried out carefully. In addition, it helped extra that the assignment could be carried out quickly and that Archive-IT has a proven link with AFAS”.

“Now the employees are sitting on the tablet at home on the couch, looking at what has happened in the years that they have been working here.”

Good guidance

The transport of the files involves a lot of work. The employees of Mytylschool Gabriël were very satisfied with the process. Lilian says: “The collection of the files went flawlessly. I was there when the files were loaded and the car was then sealed, which gave me a feeling of familiarity. When the files were at Archive-IT, there was communication back and forth about how the file was going to look digital. This involved more than we had thought in advance, but logically in retrospect. We hadn’t taken this into account, but fortunately Archive-IT asked specific questions to ensure that all our wishes were included in the digital file. The contact was pleasant, the lines of communication were short and we really thought along with us, which was completely in line with the expectations we had. Archive-IT really excels in the personal contact and the professional image of the digital file”.

Requesting files

In addition to digitising the personnel files, a number of files have been archived. Lilian experienced the process of retrieving a file as positive. An extensive step-by-step plan with print screens and arrows made it very easy to request a file.

Did Inge and Lilian have an addition to the above? “Yes, we are the best school in the Netherlands!”

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