In our section 'Employees in the spotlight' we like to show which people are behind our organisation. Every day Archive-IT is committed to support organisations in the transition from a paper to a digital working environment. Besides that we develop software to guarantee safe digital accessibility. But who does what? And what are the motivations of the Archive-IT team members? Time for a look behind the scenes.

This time Sarah Kirchmann is in the spotlight. Sarah is working at Archive-IT as Sales Support for our German office since January 2022. We would like to introduce her to you!

Can you tell us something about your function at Archive-IT?

"In my role as Sales Support employee, I am busy supporting customers in the commercial preliminary stage. I am mainly responsible for smaller requests, which we can help with telephone or e-mail contact from the office. I do this for the office in Germany. It is important that I help potential customers with the problems they are facing and that I can then work out a suitable offer for them. I do smaller requests myself, but for other requests I work together with my colleagues to support the customers as best as possible."

"I have been working at Archive-IT since January and I like it very much. Everyone in the team is very friendly and driven. We work together a lot and the tasks are very versatile. My working day is therefore very varied. Of course I always start with the customer contact, the requests and the follow-up. But I also participate in various meetings. Archive-IT Germany is a market with a huge growth potential, where we brainstorm a lot about strategy and profiling. That's why I also carry out various marketing activities and help think about the future of our branch in Germany."

"Before coming to Archive-IT, I worked in many different places and within many sectors. First of all, I worked in marketing for 10 years. Then I started my own pub; a real dream come true. This was a very nice time, but it was incredibly hard work. After that, I ran a metal construction company for four years. So you could say that I am very enterprising and I am not afraid of a challenge. During my career, I have worked with many different types of people and personalities, therefore I can work well with anyone."

What motivates you most in your work?

"Whereas Archive-IT is already an established name in the Netherlands, we are still in the early stages in Germany. This motivates me enormously to also make Archive-IT Germany a success and to work hard to achieve this. Because I work together with my Dutch colleagues a lot, I notice that I really like the Dutch way of working. The team spirit really appeals to me and it motivates me to be part of it. In addition, the customer contact is also an important motivation for me. It is nice to help organisations with their (digital) archiving challenges."

Nice to know: Sarah is a real DIY and boho lover. She also loves working with wood to create creative things for her home and garden. Sarah often gets this inspiration from her holiday travels. For example, she recently built a garden bed and a swimming pool for the garden.

What are your goals for the coming period?

"Because I really stand behind the products and solutions Archive-IT offers, it is definitely my goal to create more awareness in the German market. I see huge opportunities in Germany and I am looking forward to helping many customers in the coming period. Achieving success together with the team and facing the future with a lot of ambition and energy. That's what I'm going for!

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