Reuver, 18-06-2019: We are proud to announce that as of today we will continue under the name Archive-IT! A completely new profiling and look & feel creates a whole new look.

Why the name Archive-IT?

Archive-IT says something about our core business: archiving. Whether we store and manage archives in physical form or make digital files and documents accessible in a secure manner: Archive-IT archives! The fact that the digital archive and the digital possibilities form an increasingly large part of our business is evident, hence the prominent place of IT in our naming.

Innovations & internationalisation

Paul de Meulemeester, COO of Archive-IT, talks about this change: “With the upcoming expansion of our software and services portfolio, we have started to look critically at our image as such and also analyse whether our current positioning still matches these new innovations. In addition, our international ambitions extend further and further. In addition to our two branches in the Netherlands, we also have branches in Belgium, France and Germany. A second branch is even being built in Germany; we are now making great strides internationally. In order to reinforce this growth and innovation, we have opted for a new positioning through a new look & feel and a new name that says what we do.”

Joining forces

In addition, as Archive-IT we really look to the future. We believe that working with the right partners ensures that we can offer our customers the best results. It helps us to learn from each other and to strengthen each other. That’s why we focus on long-term relationships and collaborations that give us energy and enable us to serve the world of digitisation and archiving in the most optimal, accessible and safe way possible.

We invite you to take a look at our new website. Of course, we are also happy to answer any questions you might have. You can reach us via +31 77 750 11 00 or

Curious about the new developments of Archive-IT? Make an appointment with one of our advisors; we will be happy to tell you all the ins and outs of the new Archive-IT!

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