Reuver, 26-03-2020: We are proud to announce that as of today Jalema France will continue under the name Archive-IT France.

From Jalema to Archive-IT

Jalema France has been offering the services of Archive-IT for some time, but is now officially called Archive-IT France. After it became clear that the digital services of Archive-IT were growing considerably on the French market, this was the logical next step. In addition to our digital services, we will continue to focus on the sale of archive articles, such as the well-known suspension files. Exactly as you would expect from us.

International ambitions

Archive-IT’s international ambitions reach further and further. In addition to our head office in the Netherlands and the branch office in France, we also have another branch office in the Netherlands and one in Belgium. Next to that, there are concrete plans to start Archive-IT activities in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia) in the short term and to build a large archive hall here as well. At an international level, we are now making great strides.


The switch from Jalema to Archive-IT in France does not change anything in practice. Our current services and products will continue to exist, and the contact persons and the way of working will not change either. It only offers new and additional possibilities in the field of digitization and automation, which can help our customers even more. The only difference is that from now on we will communicate under the name Archive-IT. Our French-speaking customers will notice this through our telephone and e-mail contact (, our website and all other forms of communication.

Are you curious about Archive-IT or do you have questions about the name change? Contact us via or +31 77 750 11 00.

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