Last November, we were audited again for the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. These audits were conducted by BSI, who have since informed us that we have passed this extension with flying colours. The staff involved were put through their paces to check that we, as an organisation, have our procedures in order and thus meet the required standards.

Besides the audit at our headquarters in Reuver (Netherlands), the site in Briey (France) was also visited this time.

That audit also went well again. This means that the certifications have been renewed for all Archive-IT companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. We are therefore proud with the following passages in the audit report from the BSI auditors:

  • "As per good practice, Archive-IT has its affairs in good order. It is therefore an honour and a pleasure for the audit team to nominate Archive-IT for recertification of the information security management system, and renewal of the quality management system certificate."
  • "The integrated management system supports the strategic direction of the organisation. The IMS is performing and is adequately evaluated by management. All processes are well developed and together form a mature IMS in an organisation with experience in, and a conscientious attitude towards, information security, quality, and its management."

Giving due attention to Quality, Information Security and Privacy throughout the year is bearing fruit. Sitting back and taking it easy, that's not known at Archive-IT! We work continuously to improve and to keep up with developments inside and outside Archive-IT.

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