Digitise your archive

There are a number of obstacles to paper files, such as the space it takes up. Paper can only be at one location at a time, which means that it takes a lot of time to look for and find the right documents. Sharing and editing paper information is becoming increasingly difficult. The safety and authorisation of paper is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee. Recognizable? Digitisation offers the solution!

Archive-IT digitises

Archive-IT excels in the careful and secure digitisation of files. The digital file is set up together with an experienced Archive-IT advisor. The user-friendliness, your wishes and the laws and regulations are taken into account. There are possibilities such as tab layouts, adding a search function, scanning in color, grayscale or black and white and much more. Choices that you certainly do not have to make alone, Archive-IT fully supports you in the process from paper to digital.

“Did you know that during the scan project you can always apply for priority files? This way, you will not be hindered by the digitisation process!”

  • GDPR-compliant
  • Integration with your current system
  • Valuable space within your organisation is freed up
  • Your information can be accessed by authorised users anytime, anywhere
  • Cost & time savings
  • Delivery in our software or in your own package
  • All employees have signed a confidentiality statement and periodically deliver a Code of Conduct.

Digitise your documents

Archive-IT offers 100% delivery reliability. Files are transported securely, exclusively and sealed directly from your organization to Archive-IT. Upon arrival, the registration process takes place and the files are prepared. The qualified employees make the files scan-ready in accordance with the agreements made. A labour-intensive and indispensable step in the digitization process.

Wondering what types of documents Archive-IT can digitize for you? Think for example:

  • Personnel files
  • Medical files
  • Case files
  • Financial administration
  • (Construction) drawings
  • Work vouchers
  • Newspaper

Do you have doubts about the archive and the documents you would like to have digitized? Feel free to ask one of our employees. We will be happy to help and advise you!

Step by step

Archive-IT digitizes everything with fast, advanced high volume scanners. Experienced scanning operators ensure that everything runs flawlessly and we can deliver high quality digital files. Digitizing your archive is our passion and care!

For every project we look at the right approach together with you. Every project is different. In order to digitise your documents, there are always a number of steps to go through:

  • Inventory files/documents/archive
  • Quotation proposal
  • Transport
  • Registration of the files
  • Cleaning up the documents
  • Scan preparation of the documents
  • Digitize
  • Possible vitalization
  • Export to the software
  • Destruction, storage or return

Prices archive digitization

Every project requires a tailor-made quote. Based on various parameters, an Archive-IT consultant will draw up a proposal for you. The advisory and introductory meeting is without obligation. We are happy to visit you on location, or coordinate the situation with you remotely. Because there are many different choices to be made when it comes to digitization, this meeting is a valuable moment to give you a realistic picture of the rates for digitization. Curious about the costs of digitising your archive? Contact us and you will receive a tailored proposal!


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