Archive storage

The paper archive takes up a lot of space within your organisation. Often the archive becomes overcrowded and cluttered. By storing the files externally, space becomes available within your organisation that can be used for other purposes. This way, the primary business processes are no longer hindered. Are overcrowded archives recognizable?  Physical archive storage offers the solution!

Archive-IT offers three different forms of archive storage: storage at pallet level, storage at file level and conditioned storage. For all archive storage services Archive-IT offers, if desired, secure and certified archive destruction. Together with an experienced Archive-IT consultant, the right form will be chosen to suit your wishes and needs.

Storage at pallet level

Organisaties beschikken vaak over statisch archief; bijvoorbeeld een archief met lage raadpleegfrequentie dat bewaard moet worden volgens de wet. Voor dit archief biedt Archive-IT opslag op palletniveau aan; bulkopslag waarbij op doosniveau geregistreerd wordt en de archieven op pallets of in archiefkasten opgeslagen worden. Dit is een kosten- en ruimtebesparende oplossing voor fysiek archief dat niet of nauwelijks wordt geraadpleegd.

Storage at file level

When your physical archive consists of files that you do not need frequently, but you want to have them at your disposal very quickly when you do need them once, storage at file level is the solution for you! This form of physical archiving is unique because the files are archived on an individual level. By applying this method, Archive-IT is able to digitise a required file within 1.5 hours using Scanning on Demand. The combination of accessibility of your archive and the right management service focused on the actuality of the archive, ensures 100% delivery reliability.

Conditioned storage

Does your archive contain a lot of valuable information and should it be kept for a long time? Within Archive-IT, a conditioned room has been made available for this purpose. In this room, the temperature is kept stable and the air humidity is controlled, among other things. A climate control system regulates all requirements, so that archives can be kept for hundreds of years or even forever without damaging the paper.

By outsourcing your archive, you are moving towards an efficient, modern and safe way of working. Would you like to know how Archive-IT uses information security to safeguard your personal and business-critical data? Contact one of our experienced advisors for more information!

Retention periods

Within an organization there are many documents with a mandatory retention period. It is important to pursue these rules. This is possible by applying document management at a differentiated level. Are you curious how Archive-IT can help you with this? Or what retention periods apply to the documents in your archive? Read all about this on our page about retention periods!


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