Storage at pallet level

Archive documents often have to do with a mandatory retention period, which is prescribed by law. Think, for example, of financial documents, which have to be kept for 7 years. Or medical records that have to be kept for 10 years after the date of death of the patient. Archive rooms are therefore quite full, while the documents are no longer needed or hardly needed. Storage at pallet level offers the solution!

Simple and effective!

The solution for overcrowded archives and mandatory retention periods. Whether it’s files, archive boxes, moving boxes or individual files. With storage at pallet level we always find a solution for your archive. We take over the entire archive from you and register it with Archive-IT upon arrival. In addition, we will also be happy to support you with the removal and packaging of the archive material for transport. From A to Z!


Your valuable spaces will be freed up again within your organisation. You can undoubtedly use them in a better and more efficient way. Because we register the archive documents upon arrival, on the basis of the information we obtain from the customer, you can always find your archive. You will have access to our Virtual Archive Basic environment to manage all your records. Do you need anything? Via Scanning on Demand or our physical courier service, you can access the required files at all times.

Why storage at pallet level?

  • Easily manage the destruction years in the Virtual Archive Basic;
  • Saving space and increasing efficiency;
  • Your archive documents returned within 24 hours.


At Archive-IT, security is the number one priority. We take the highest possible measures to ensure that your archive is safe and handled with care. Both physically and digitally, our Privacy and Security Officer, together with our Data Protection Officer, ensures that we carry out all our processes and activities in full compliance with the GDPR.

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